Venom Finally Revealed


After a decidedly ‘meh’ first trailer, we finally have a full trailer, showing us the true power of the symbiote. Venom is set for release on 5th October. Rather fitting given the weird, almost scary vibe the film seems to be going for.

The trailer opens with Tom Hardy, playing Eddie Brock, talking to a friend about how she works for an evil corporation, that recently discovered an alien material. The symbiote. He then goes to investigate and becomes infected with the stuff after a run in with some test subjects.

Then, the symbiote begins to talk to Brock. It pushes him to do ‘whatever we want’. We see cuts of a chase with Brock using his newfound powers to evade his pursuers then, a close up of the iconic anti-hero.

Design-wise, it’s solid. Chunky, muscle-bound and imposing, Venom is exactly how he should look.

The last on-screen presence the villain had was in the mess that was Spider-Man 3. Speaking of the web-slinger, during the build-up to the movie’s reveal, Tom Holland, the MCU’s current web-head, confused a lot of people after saying this movie would be connected to the bigger picture.

It was then followed up by Kevin Feige that it would be its own self-contained movie.

Check out the trailer.