Finally, after months of waiting, we have the first teaser of Venom, starring Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed, by Sony.

Sony still owns the rights to many of Spider-Man’s villains, so naturally, they were going to make a spin-off at some point. This first one in a line of spin-offs, Venom is scheduled for release in October, with subsequent movies to be released in the next few years.

The tone is that of a horror/sci-fi look at the classic character.

We don’t see Venom himself, but in the coming months, we’ll probably get a good look at the suit. We’re just curious as to what kind of design they’ll be going for, whether it be a more streamlined look or the classic bulky form.

The movie wrapped up a few weeks ago, with Tom Hardy posting on Instagram.

Venom will be released in October this year and will reportedly carry an R-rating in the US, which would fit the tone of the trailer. Whether it will be as gory or as adult as Logan or Deadpool is still unknown.

Speaking of which, Deadpool 2 got its first trailer the other day too, showcasing Cable for the first time.

Should be a good year for movies. Well. Not every movie.