As the most controversial president since Ronald Reagan was officially sworn in yesterday, people on the streets of Washington D.C. lost their control and turned to violence.

While it has to be said that very few protesters became violent, one group did – and were caught live on mainstream news channels.

A group of masked protesters were filmed smashing windows, running through the streets of the capital and clashing with police. One protester carrying a large and what appeared to be wooden pole attempted to hit a police officer with it.

Some of this group were carrying flags bearing the anarchist symbol and targeted a McDonald’s restaurant as well as a Starbucks and Bank of America branch.

In response, police threw tear gas and pepper spray at the protesters in a chase through the streets as the angered demonstrators fled.

violence 2

What we will say about this is that violence never gets the point across. Looking at all of the successful movements throughout history – in America alone – we see that they were achieved through the act of peaceful protest. African-American rights, the Women’s Liberation Movement, gay rights, Hispanic rights and Native American rights were achieved through peaceful resistance and protest.

The former First Lady said: “When they go low, we go high.” We say take her advice.