Ex-Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, whose company recently tried to sell itself, has made a return as an artwork called Casting Couch. He is depicted in a dressing gown, holding an Academy Award.

Street artist from LA Plastic Jesus created the golden statue, depicting the producer. The Oscar-winning producer is facing multiple claims of rape, intimidation and sexual harassment. To this day he still denies them.

The artist placed his installation next to Elvis Presley’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Thursday. Plastic Jesus, who remains anonymous, much like UK artist Banksy, said the Casting Couch statue took two months to complete and was paid for by donations.

Other stunts include putting a tiny wall around Donald Trumps Hollywood star.

The Weinstein artwork comes on the same day it was revealed that the company he co-founded had been saved from bankruptcy. The company will now be run by a mostly female board, with Businesswoman Maria Contreras-Sweet leading the group that is paying $500m for the assets of the company.

This figure includes $90m for a victim’s compensation fund.

The Weinstein said at the beginning of the week it would file for bankruptcy. But, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman stepped in and a deal to buy the assets, including a library of 277 films, was agreed on Thursday.