This week, Kanye West annoyed the Internet by having yet another Donald Trump Twitter rant.

It’s not just Kanye who misses the old Kanye, it’s the entire Internet. Just as everyone seemed to forget about his last Twitter rant a few weeks ago where he loudly professed his love for President Trump, Ye is right back at it again.

It all began when he gave a pro-Trump speech at the end of an SNL performance which was met with stunned silence and boos. He later tweeted a photo of himself from a private jet wearing his infamous Make America Great Again cap.

The 13th amendment to the US constitution is what abolished slavery and other involuntary servitude (except as a punishment for a crime) in the United States. If this is a call for a reform of the jail system (prison labour is regarded a form of slavery to some), I’m sure we all can agree that there a million better ways Kanye could have expressed that notion. The prison labour system is a billion dollar industry, with inmates being paid only pennies an hour ‘to produce everything from mattresses, spectacles, road signs and body armour for other government agencies, earning $500m in sales in fiscal 2016’ according to the Economist. The high-profit nature of this industry makes it seem unlikely that Donald Trump would support Kanye in wanting to reform the system, though.

Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, took to Twitter to defend Kanye’s SNL appearance.

The Donald himself praised Kanye for wearing his MAGA hat and rebelling against a show which he believes is ‘just a political ad for the Dems’.

Of course, from the moment Kanye started ranting and raving about President Trump, he was met with thousands of backlash tweets.

The celebrity response to Kanye’s rant has been powerful too. Lana Del Rey, who sang at his wedding, commented on his Instagram post, telling West he needs an ‘intervention’ and that his support of Trump is a ‘loss for the culture’.

Chris Evans described this new Kanye-loves-Trump era as ‘absolutely terrifying’.

When Kanye first took to Twitter to tell the world of his support for Trump, it was suggested it was just a stunt to promote his new album. This time though, the motivation seems to be a genuine belief that Trump is going to fix America.

Let’s just hope his 5-year-old daughter North takes matters into her own hands and flushes his phone down the toilet again.

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