Rich people love to flaunt their diamond encrusted jewellery and lavish mansions for us poor people to look upon with admiration and envy. Who can blame them? Rich people who(se parents) have worked hard enough to be able to afford yachts and designer handbags for themselves have every right to buy these items. You can admire a wealthy person who is still savvy with money and generous, and who does not make ridiculous and unnecessary purchases just because they can. As you will see shortly, some rich people spend extortionate amounts of money on everyday things just for the sake of showing the world that they have so much money that they can even afford to throw it away. These are the type of people who would spend $1000 dollars on gold-covered chicken wings just so they can rub it in their Instagram follower’s faces later on.

I should probably give you some context- you may have seen this video on your Twitter timeline; everyone is talking about it.

It’s a shameless display of over-indulgence and greed. These wings don’t even look very appetising.

As explained in the video, this mad idea came into being when Jonathan Cheban (AKA Foodgōd and Kim Kardashian’s mate) decided to collaborate with the owner of The Ainsworth in NYC.

In the video, it is admitted that the gold makes no difference to the taste. “The gold is for show because it’s very decadent, but everything else has a specific taste. Gold just makes it that much more fun”, Cheban explains, seeming blissfully unaware that he has effectively been conned out of a grand.

The only way I could ever justify paying $1000 for 50 golden chicken wings would be if Jesus Christ himself cooked and served them up, all while walking on water with singing angels hovering above him. Even then I’d still grumble as I handed over my bank card.

“It’s not just regular wings that you just throw on a bunch of gold.” Cheban and Herrine are going to be very shocked when they watch this video and discover that these wings are, in fact, just regular wings with a bunch of gold thrown on top.

Funnily enough, nobody on Twitter seemed too impressed by this extortionately priced dish either.

They do look a little undercooked…

This person nails it on the head. There is no other reason to apply gold, a tasteless metal, to food other than the sole purpose of feeling rich.

I can only hope that this does not become a trend anytime soon. I couldn’t handle watching another of my favourite foods being mercilessly ruined by the rich.