What Personality Type Are You?

Personality is arguably the largest factor when it comes to determining who you are. It is a construct of being, a method of coping in and with the world and the best part is that we all have one that can be narrowed down to a ‘type’.

The Enneagram is one of the most accurate and credible personality systems and is used by many who study personality and who are simply curious. The quest to find your personality (below) is based on the Enneagram and its astounding accuracy.


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Through whatever influence you may have, you strive to change the world in whatever way you perceive as ‘better’. You wish to be useful and crave to make a difference so that the human spirit can take centre stage.

Nickname: The Reformer

At your best: Principled, purposeful and a perfectionist

Famous ‘ones’: Hillary Clinton, Osama bin Laden, Emma Thompson, Kate Middleton         



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If you are empathetic, warm and crave love, there’s a good change that you are a ‘two’. You are also well-meaning and flattering but can end up doing too many things for others due to your possessive trait and drive to be needed.

Nickname: The Helper

At your best: Generous, people-pleasing and demonstrative

Famous ‘twos’: Stevie Wonder, Priscilla Presley, Monica Lewinsky, Dolly Parton



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As a ‘three’, you are extremely driven and self-assured. Moreover, you are also diplomatic and poised but are at a risk of becoming too status-obsessed and worried about how you are perceived by others.

Nickname: The Achiever

At your best:  Driven, adaptable and good at excelling

Famous ‘threes’: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Muhammad Ali, Paul McCartney



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As a ‘four’, you are self-aware and emotionally honest. You can be incredibly inspired through art and transform yourself completely, but are also temperamental and can become self-indulgent. In addition, there may be a feeling that you are excluded from an ‘ordinary’ way of living.

Nickname: The Individualist

At your best: Expressive, introspective and sensitive

Famous ‘fours’: Kate Winslet, Johnny Depp, J.D. Salinger, Anne Frank



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You are alert, insightful and innovative. As a ‘five’, you are prone to becoming preoccupied with your thoughts and fantasies, often finding yourself lost in your own world. However, you can become detached and isolated and are extremely intense.

Nickname: The Investigator

At your best: Visionary, a thinker and ahead of your time

Famous ‘fives’: JK Rowling, Buddha, Tim Burton, Bill Gates



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As a ‘six’, you are devoted, loyal and security-conscious. You feel as though you need to ‘belong’ and your life must have reason or purpose. However, you are prone to anxiety and fearing the worst, sometimes running on stress.

Nickname: The Loyalist

At their best: Committed, engaging and courageous

Famous ‘sixes’: Princess Diana, George H W Bush, Mike Tyson, Ellen Degeneres



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As a ‘seven’, you are typically extroverted, optimistic and versatile. You have many talents and are playful, yet practical at the same time. Despite this, ‘sevens’ can become exhausted and undisciplined while voyaging on yet another adventure.

Nickname: The Enthusiast

At their best: Appreciative, satisfied and optimistic

Famous ‘sevens’: Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Leonardo DiCaprio, Simon Cowell



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You are confident in yourself and your beliefs and are assertive and strong. As an ‘eight’, you are protective, but can feel the need to control the environment around you, leading to you becoming confrontational and domineering.

Nickname: The Challenger

At their best: Dominant, self-confident and wilful

Famous ‘eights’: Martin Luther King Jr, Winston Churchill, P!nk, Barbara Walters



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‘Nines’ are more devoted to finding inner and external peace than all of the other types, typically meaning that you crave a connection with the universe and other people. You want to avoid conflict and keep your environment neutral.

Nickname: The Peacemaker

At your best: Compassionate, agreeable and reassuring

Famous ‘nines’: The Queen, Audrey Hepburn, Morgan Freeman, Walt Disney