Where are the Infinity Stones?

Well… firstly- What are the infinity stones?

Well, as the collector said in Guardians of the Galaxy, they’re concentrated ingots of singularities that existed before the universe was formed. Blah blah blah comics nonsense, they’re basically coloured gems that each hold ultimate power over a certain aspect of the universe. Bringing them together basically makes you a god with dominion over everything. That’s what Thanos will attempting to do in Avengers: Infinity War in a quest to gain unlimited power. Palpatine style. So, as a primer, I thought it would provide a helpful reminder of just what and where each infinity stone is within the MCU.

The Tesseract (The Space Stone)

The first stone to appear in the MCU and the central MacGuffin for the first Captain America and Avengers films. The tesseract holds power over space and can create portals or transport people anywhere in the universe. Initially found by the Red Skull in 1940s Norway, it was placed in Odin’s treasure vault in Asgard for safe keeping. Infinity War trailers revealed, though, that it was stolen by Loki at the climax of Thor: Raknarok. And with Thanos bearing down on the ship that Loki is on… this one is a foregone conclusion.

The Sceptre Gem (The Mind Stone)

First appearing in The Avengers, it was revealed in Age of Ultron that the seemingly innocuous gem in Loki’s sceptre is in reality the mind stone. This gem can brainwash living beings into doing the wielder’s bidding. It’s also, somehow, the source of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s powers. The mind stone has been embedded in the forehead of the Vision since AoU so if I was him, I’d be looking over my synthetic shoulder.

The Aether (The Reality Stone)

This blood red goop is apparently a stone. The Aether has only appeared in Thor: The Dark World where a forgettable villain attempted to use its reality warping power to wrap the universe in darkness. Initially, it was hidden away by the Asgardians in a hole on some anonymous world. It was last seen being handed to the collector so he presumably still has it. Even if his treasure room was subsequently blown up by the next stone.

The Orb (The Power Stone)

The MacGuffin of the first Guardians, the purpose of this stone seems to be to simply destroy. Especially, seeing as it is shown to be able to wipe out planets by touching them. The power stone was hidden on the planet Morag, only accessible by land every 300 years, before Star-Lord ‘liberated’ it. It was left under the protection of the Nova corps and Glenn Close on the planet Xandar.

The Eye of Agamotto (The Time Stone)

The necklace that Doctor Strange wears. As expected, the time stone has the ability to reverse or advance time. This one’s unusual in that it hasn’t really moved at all yet, starting and ending the film in his sanctum. He does appear to wear it from time to time though, as he did when entertaining Thor. So maybe it’s just for special occasions. Like a pretty brooch.

??? (The Soul Stone)

The only stone we haven’t seen yet. There are multiple theories on its location. It could be Thor’s all seeing mate Heimdall. Maybe it’s in Wakanda’s heart-shaped herb. Perhaps Thanos just lost it down the back of the sofa. It happens.