Why is the sky yellow?

We love a good conversation concerning the weather here in the UK, don’t we?

If you live in the North East and you’ve either ventured outside or even looked out of the window today – hopefully that includes everyone – then you’re likely to have been greeted with a slightly sombre looking sky. You probably guessed that it had something to do with Hurricane Ophelia, which has mostly affected Ireland over the course of today.

The reason it’s so dark is because, in the aftermath of Ophelia, dark clouds are crossing the country. If you’re like me and thought the Apocalypse was finally here, I won’t judge. After all, there have been less conducive circumstances to mark the end of the world. With headlines concerning people like Trump and Harvey Weinstein, the world can seem like a terrible place. As nice as it would be to blame these people, these dark clouds aren’t letting much sunlight through, hence the gloomy overcast outlook across the UK.


One of my favourite comments was that ‘God has turned on the sepia filter’ –  in an arbitrary act of boredom, perhaps?

In a fashion-conscious decision the Met Office, in order to make sure the curtains match the drapes, have issued a yellow weather warning in our region; so expect some disruption. The Metro service is running, although with slight delays that aren’t weather related.

This is all subject to change so stay updated and be safe!