Morning people seem to have all the perks in life. They’re cheerful every morning, they always seem to get 8+ hours of sleep and latest research has shown that they live longer than *normal* people.

This research explains that being a morning person is linked to a number of factors including genetics and environment. According to the paper, “those who identified as definite morning types were on average older, included a higher proportion of women and non-smokers, and lower proportions of white ethnicity than definite evening types.”

In the study of 500,000 people, those who preferred the evening were more likely to die than the early birds.

If you’re really concerned by this, there are ways to become a morning person. By getting into a regular sleeping pattern and carrying out your errands earlier in the day, you can adjust your body clock so that getting out of bed in the morning isn’t torturous.

The most interesting thing to come out of the research isn’t the health risks though. Researchers highlight the genetic side of the body clock and argue that it is unreasonable to expect night owls to run to the same schedule as morning people. Night owls might be more suited to working later shifts and may function better at 8pm than 8am.