Why we Need Compassion

Compassion is something that we all have deep inside of us as human beings, but it is something that we do not always show. We should.

The literal definition of ‘compassion’ is this: ‘sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others’. Compassion is being able to sympathise and understand the troubles and turbulence others around us in this world are going through. Compassion is a key tool to humans and we should use it to connect with each other. We should be using our compassion for others to connect rather than using the hate and, frankly, ugly behaviour we often have to many who we deem ‘lower’ than us.

A particular issue I have with compassion, especially in Britain, is that we don’t seem to have much of it when it comes to addiction. Something that has came to my attention many a time is the lack of compassion and empathy for those who suffer with drug addictions. Addiction is not something people can control and it is not their fault that they cannot simply stop what they’re doing. If they could, they would. Too often in Britain do we write off those addicted to the likes of heroin, too often do we say they’re a waste of space and scum. Instead of this cold and isolating attitude towards those who are practically drowning because of their addiction, we should help them. We should rehabilitate them; give them another chance. We cannot simply create a monster then condemn it, can we? That would be hypocrisy at its absolute finest. Those who suffer with addictions need help and instead of giving them an ineffective punishment, we should get them back on track.

Another thing that we are seemingly numb to is those who are stuck in conflict zones. Those who come to Britain seeking a new life and a better quality of it for themselves and their families. Whether it be asylum seekers or refugees, we seem completely numb and so insensitive it’s unbelievable towards these people. Imagine if that was us in their position. Imagine if we were cowering next to the ruin of our family home because it was destroyed along with our father or mother, our son or our daughter. We need to realise these people are not here to harm us or to ‘steal’ our jobs. These people are here because they want to start a new beginning, they want a second chance at life in a country that is free of all of the pain they experienced in the other country. And these people chose Britain. Instead of denying them, we should accept them. We should have compassion for their stories and for the fact that they are determined to make their lives better.

While that may only be two reasons why compassion is vital to the human race, there are so many more. If I included them all, then this post would be an essay rather than what it is now. Long story short, we need to be much more loving, accepting and compassionate towards our fellow human beings. No matter their race, gender, background, age, nationality or anything that makes them different from us. We need to show the compassion that I know we all have somewhere.