Female employees at Barclays are paid up to 43% less than their male peers, according to gender pay gap figures, it has submitted to the government.

Chief Jes Staley said the company had ‘more work to do’ so women could progress in financial services. However, Barclays have said they pay their men and women staff equally.

The 43% average pay gap is specific to the investment bank division, Barclays International. For the UK retail bank, women earn on average 14.2% less than men on average, while the figure stands at 29.9% for the holding company, Barclay Services. The bank has not produced any overall figures for the three sectors.

Shhh. Don’t tell them we pay them 43% less.

Staley said:

‘Although female representation is growing at Barclays, we still have high proportions of women in more junior, lower paid roles and high proportions of men in senior, highly paid roles.’

Of all the financial and insurance companies to submit figures, the median gap in pay is 14.8%. It was also revealed that women earn 38.4% less at Virgin Money while Aviva had the median pay gap of 27.6%.

Companies based in the UK with 250 or more employees must calculate their gender pay gap and publish it on a government website by 4th April or 30th March if you are in the public sector. This encompasses around 9,000 firms overall.

Not a great look for Barclays is it? Especially when women are championing equality elsewhere, like Dua Lip at the Brits or these Powerlifting pros.

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