Wow, People are Nerds

For many across the country this week will begin the new school year, whether you’re raring to go, what with your notebooks and highlighters, there will be those who would rather be doing anything else.

Well, take comfort in the fact that even in fiction people still must get up at seven in the morning and put on an uncomfortable uniform. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it has been 19 years since Harry Potter, The Boy Who Loved, would have defeated Ol’ No Nose Voldemort. Which means his oldest son, Albus Severus, would most definitely be starting at Hogwarts this year.

While this isn’t newsworthy on its own, what is, would be the thousands of people who turned up to platform 9 ¾ on Friday.

Even Warwick Davis turned up.

So, there you have it, it’s not all doom and gloom. I mean, it is if you’re going to regular school. You won’t get to have an owl or anything. Trust me, schools are not a place for owls.