Lost in Space

Whenever something rockets into popularity, there are always those who will thirst after a certain character. Unfortunately, this time it’s a robot from Lost in Space. Why are we like this?

Things have become so chill here on planet Earth, that we’re all totally comfortable with crushing on a robot. It’s still incredibly weird. The robot in question comes from Netflix’s reboot of Lost in Space, a sci-fi series that was originally a movie in the 1960s.

It got a remake in the early 2000s starring Matt LeBlanc and Gary Oldman, but it wasn’t very good. This series, however, is supposed to be very good.

But, certain heathens highlighted one thing you should definitely watch the show for.

Yes. The robot has a nice butt. That is now the biggest lure for this sci-fi adventure.


Even Netflix handed out some shade from their US Twitter account, simply stating:


Not that hot. There, I said it.

Fight me.

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