Hay fever

Only those who suffer with hay fever understand the dread of spring and summer. When your eyes water, when your throat itches and when you just can’t stop sneezing. It’s a complete nightmare.

However, there are a few hacks that can really save your life during the period of suffering. As the grass pollen levels reach an all-time high this week, it’s about time they were shared.

1. Vaseline
The immortal Vaseline can really save you from suffering. Wipe a line of it under each nostril and a curved line of it underneath each eye. It works by catching the pollen before it has the chance to get into your eyes and nose, hence reducing the amount of suffering you will endure.

2. Nasal spray
If, like me, your nose is always running and you are constantly sneezing into tissues, worry not! Nasal spray will be your saviour in these dark times. You can buy nasal spray from your local pharmacy or have it prescribed by your GP if they feel your symptoms are bad enough. Either way, nasal spray is a gift from above.

3. Kleenex
Of course, when suffering with hay fever symptoms, tissues are a must-have. Buy a huge multi-pack of Kleenex tissues and carry at least one packet around with you wherever you go. That way, you can blow your nose, dry your eyes and feel protected at school, work or just out and about.

Those are all the hay fever hacks for this week. If you have any of your own, comment them below.