‘GCSEs don’t matter and they’re easy’

Who else is laughing at the title of this week’s #YEAR11PROBLEMS?

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard that classic one-liner before. More than likely from someone crying about their life in Sixth Form.

If GCSEs are ‘easy’, why didn’t you get A*s in every subject, then? And if you did, you would’ve had to put work in, consequently destroying your argument. They’re clearly not a breeze if you’ve got to lift a finger.

The next thing that every Year 11 is sick to death of hearing is that GCSEs ‘don’t matter’. Well, somehow, I think they kind of do. You know the grades you get? The ones that are used to get you onto the next step in education? They matter. Those grades that universities do look at (regardless of what you say) matter. And, you know what? They matter to us.

Let’s all have a moment of silence for those older than us who have turned to the dark side. Who have completely forgotten the stress and anxiety of the first batch of exams in your life and think that just because A-levels are difficult, GCSEs are a walk in the park. Let’s also hope that we don’t turn into them this September too.

See you next week.