Why Piers Morgan is insufferably ignorant

Happy Monday, folks!

It’s about to get heated.

I say that as if it’s something new in this column. It’s not, as you know.

This week I’m talking about the insufferable, incredibly ignorant and borderline-narcissist Piers Morgan. It’s impossible to have any kind of debate with Mr Morgan, as proven on his Twitter account time and time again. (I’m not sending you to it directly because, quite frankly, I’d rather gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon than give him traffic directly.)

Donald Trump, Piers Morgan’s crony-in-chief (or so he desperately thinks), was sworn in as President on Friday. On Saturday, at least one million people around the globe marched in the Women’s March. The largest of these marches was in Washington D.C, the new home of the new POTUS who has previously made frightening comments about women. Trump said that when you’re a “star” you can get away with grabbing women “by the p***y”.

So, where does our dear Piers fit in with this? Well, he decided to attack the women protesting around the world because, according to him – a white, straight, educated man with a powerful position in the media – the march was “not a march about women’s rights, it’s a march protesting that Trump won a free, democratic election.”

Right… so now that we’ve established Piers Morgan gets to decide why women were protesting, we’ll continue.

“Today’s a day for loads of women to say they hate Trump. Millions of other women voted for him to be President over a female candidate,” said Morgan. It sounds like he’s saying that these women shouldn’t be protesting against Trump because he won the election, right?

Well, he then goes on to talk about democracy and how protesting is a form of democracy, just like his freedom of speech. Fair enough. However, it’s perfectly democratic for people to counter-protest the election, isn’t it? Especially when Donald Trump didn’t win the popular vote and Hillary Clinton got over 2.5 million more votes than him.

Piers Morgan is completely ignorant of the reason why women were protesting around the world. He said why not “wait” to see if Trump removes women’s rights. The issue I take with this is that once rights are removed, it’s too late to protest.

But, of course, he wouldn’t understand any of it. He tries his hardest, it seems, to be the most annoying man in Britain – and he does it well. All of what I have quoted of him is so incredibly thick it’s unreal. Trump has made derogatory comments about women throughout his high-profile career. And so when a man like him is put into the White House, it becomes an acceptable standard (even though we know it is wrong).

Women had every damn right to protest against a misogynistic, Islamophobic egomaniac on Saturday. And women were totally justified in doing so too, regardless of Piers Morgan who feels it’s totally fine to mock them by sarcastically claiming he’s calling a Men’s March.

Power to the girls, is what I say. And no power (or pity) to a clearly threatened Piers Morgan, terrified of women standing up for themselves before history repeats itself.