First exam feelings

My first exam is this week. And I am dreading it.

I feel like I haven’t done enough and that if President Roosevelt doesn’t come up, I’m a goner.

But I know that pretty much everyone else also feels that way (which is good so that we’re all in this mess together) and that hopefully AQA will spare my soul and give me some nice questions.

Nerves always throw me off, despite my desperate attempts in the past year to calm them down. I’ve done a pretty good job of calming down, actually, but I still feel sick and I still don’t have the confidence I’ve been working on. Exam season doesn’t help either – in fact, it seems to reverse a lot of the work I’ve done to help myself survive this wilderness of an education system.

Everyone else also seems to be feeling nervous and unprepared which does make things easier so that we can talk about our common ground. And I think that will be an important part of this year’s exam season: talking. Making sure everyone is up to date with how everyone feels and keeping check on how everyone is coping.

I am attempting to breathe and keep my head held high in the hope that it’ll be fine and that in the long run, this’ll be a tiny blot on the timeline of my life.

Good luck to you all – this is one that we have to face head-on and be brave to accomplish.