Friendship in the final year

Friendship is a funny old thing, I’ve found. More often than not, you have those people who are in between friends and nothing at all. Sometimes, if you’re unlucky, you have ‘friends’ who aren’t really friends at all.

I touched on how Year 13 makes things different in one of the first columns of this academic year. And now we’re (scarily) well underway with it, I think it’s fair to say the ‘difference’ still exists. The difference I’ve mainly noticed is in friendship – or, as I have come to realise, it’s in finding proper friendship.

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In the final year of school, people don’t really have anything to lose (other than the past, like, eleven years of education…) and so just be how they want to be. That includes friendship. A lot of people who have felt like misfits within their own ‘group’ have sort of drifted away and become more independent. They’ve found a different ‘group’ to be with. Most likely one that makes them feel a lot better than their previous one.

While it’s not to say that every single person who has been their friend beforehand was fake and awful, it says something. And, I hope, tells them something. Have I been a good friend to that person?

In Year 13, friendships don’t change in terms of fall outs, but in terms of strength and reality. It’s a time for new bonds – ones that actually mean something and ones that actually mean you’re cared for by others.

Congratulations to anyone who feels as though Year 13 has set them free in terms of friendships (it’s definitely not in terms of workload!) – you deserve it.