Love is not liking

There are people in life we cannot stand. They, for whatever reason, are not our friends and certainly not people we’d do favours for. But sometimes in life, we may face a time when we end up having to do something positive for those we don’t like. And that is the topic of this week’s column.

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“Love is not liking” is a phrase taken from Joseph Fletcher and his situation ethics – a theory that discusses how we should treat other people. This phrase is the best part of the theory and refers to how we should love everyone. Not in the way you love your best friend, but in a universally compassionate sense. The sense that we are all human and we all have to live on this Earth, so everyone has to be somewhat civil in the end.

Love is not liking means that you don’t have to like someone to do good for them. You don’t have to do it because you think they’re kind or a good person. That matters little. What matters is that you’re doing it because that’s how you treat all humans on a basic level. And it doesn’t make you weak, either.

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It makes you a much stronger person to do something positive for someone overwhelmingly negative. So keep on doing it and bear this week’s pearl of wisdom in mind.