Making the most of study leave

Now that the full reality of A Levels have finally kicked in, study leave has happened and suddenly all of the work is down to us. The end is in sight, and its final result depends on how we use the next few weeks of social isolation and major panic.

That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to talk about making the most of study leave, because at least if you tell yourself you’re doing that, you feel better.

In terms of making the most of study leave, the best thing to do is know how much work you’ve done and how much work you’ve still got to do. If you have been lazy and done nothing, there’s absolutely no point in cramming. You’ll have to be strategic.

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Don’t cut corners. Make bullet point notes on each topic of your subjects. Try and narrow them down to one page per topic, and then you will have something to base your revision off. If you do essay subjects, write practice essays using these sheets. If you do non-essay subjects, complete past as many past papers as you realistically can.

If you have played the long game with your revision, it’s time to take your foot off the pedal just a little bit. You can stop working at 9pm and start having an hour to yourself. Revise by doing whatever you need to do for all three subjects every day, ensuring you go over last year’s topics first to refresh your memory.

Good luck with making the most of study leave, and with, of course, your exams.

See you next week.