Best of luck in exams

Although some of you have already started Year 13 exams (if you’re in BTEC subjects, you’ve been going for quite a while), but the bulk of the dreaded tests begin this week. That’s why I wanted to dedicate this week to wishing you all the best of luck with your exams. And that’s pretty special considering Ireland just legalised abortion last week.

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So, as the most important exams of our life come around, I like to think we’re all in the same boat. It feels like we’ve been revising for decades and it’s gotten to the point where I really just wish the exams would begin so they could be over quickly. As an anxiety-ridden person, that’s not something I wish for very often. But, I’m wishing now and the sooner we start, the sooner they’re finished. And since we’ve left school now, there’s literally nothing else to worry about other than this set of poorly thought out knowledge tests.

If there’s one thing other than good luck I’ll say today, it’s let’s think ahead. It’s always difficult to stay calm during exams, but the thought of there being happier times in the summer sunshine in just weeks should keep you going. A few drinks in a beer garden somewhere before a holiday with your pals. What better to look forward to?

Good luck. Keep calm (as calm as you can be). See you on the other side.