100 Days Happy

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4 April 2014

By Lauren H

In the 21st century, it’s not unusual to feel down in the dumps, with the daily stresses of life. But, who’s to say that this can’t be changed?

The idea behind #100happydays is that being happy is a habit, and so we can change our vision towards events, seeing the positives as opposed to the negatives. According to the website, the hope is that, day by day, participants will begin to ‘appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it’.

So, all you have to do is go onto and sign up. You simply need to enter your email, the platform you’d like to use and your username, along with a few additional pieces of information.

Every day, for 100 days, you can post a photo, a status or anything else of your choice on a social networking website with the hashtag #100happydays. It’s as easy as that.

Have a go and soon you might notice yourself smiling more, and enjoying life!



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