12 Lists of Christmas – Celebrities

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15 December 2013

By NEBeep

There have been so many celebrities making the news this year and we have narrowed the seemingly endless list down to ten.


10- Miley Cyrus – Miley has been in the news for mostly the wrong reasons, but she has still been in the news. Love her or hate her, it is evident that 2013 has given Miley Cyrus a lot of publicity and fame. 2014 will probably be an even better year for Cyrus, with her upcoming tour Bangerz.



9- Katy Perry – After releasing the song Roar, it became obvious that her album was going to be fantastic. She released the album Prism and also spoke out about the reason she split with Russell Brand (they couldn’t agree over the best time to have children).



8- One Direction – Their movie was a huge success; they made an average of £7,000,000 per week in the UK. The 1D boys have kept out of trouble this year and remain a good role model to their younger fans.



7- Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s couple name) – The stars celebrated the birth of their baby North West this year… many members of the Internet have shunned their choice of baby names however we think the name is fabulous. I mean, if you have a last name like “West”, the only logical thing to do is to name your daughter either North or South…



6- Demi Lovato – The 21 year old philanthropist has remained an x factor USA judge, appeared on Glee and also came clean about a drugs problem as well as opening up about an eating disorder that haunted her life for years.


George Alexander Louis

5- Prince George – Baby George isn’t even 6 months old and already he has had arguably the most anticipated birth ever. The world waited in suspense for nine months, betted on names and gender and tweeted till the tweet limit kicked in, all because of George’s birth. Entering the world in style.



4- Rita Ora – British singer/song writer was cast in the 50 Shades of Grey movie this year and also won the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Award. Well done, Rita.



3- Cara Delevingne – we wonder how it must feel to be a successful Victoria’s Secret Model and Tumblr Sensation and have half your fans not knowing how to pronounce your last name. The stunning Cara has already shot the photos that will be on the cover of Vogue 2014.



2- Jennifer Lawrence – Sporting a new short haircut, Jen has entertained the world for yet another year. She has been declared the Most Popular Star by IMDb and rightly so, as there is not a single teenage girl who doesn’t know her name. We are yet to hear a negative comment about Jennifer Lawrence.



And in first place……

Joey Essex- Such a sweetheart. We all have a soft spot for Joey, who in our opinion is TV’s most lovable star. A smile of pearly white teeth is all it takes for Joey to melt a girl’s heart. Joey has made many appearances on TV this year such as Celebrity Juice and most famously I’m a Celebrity, where he played the Peace Keeper and also amused us with his inability to tell the time and blow his nose. His popularity and lovability factor has hit the roof.

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