12 Lists of Christmas: Events

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18 December 2014

By Bronwen

What a year. There is no denying that 2014 has been packed full of action in more than one way. In no particular order, here are the top events from this year:

1. Scottish Referendum

It was tense between England and Scotland as the Yes campaigners battled to be seperated from England. Fun fact- JK Rowling solely funded the entire successful No campaign.



2. 100 Years Since the Start of World War One

The Tower of London was decorated with over 800,000 red ceramic poppies to remember those who fell in war from 1914-1917.



3. Ebola

Thought to have been caused by bats, Sierra-Leone became infected with the deadly virus Ebola and the barely contained virus was the topic of discussion for quite some time.



4. Malaysian Airlines

Flight MH370 disappears during a flight and has the world baffled. Conspiracy theorists reveled in this bizarre situation. The search for the plane which was carrying 240 people is supposed to finish in May 2015.



5. Gay Marriage Legalised

Britain entered the 21st century and acknowledged that homosexuals deserve the right to marriage just like heterosexuals.



6. Rosetta spacecraft lands on comet 67P

Launched in 2004, the spacecraft finally did the once impossible and landed on a moving comet. Now, scientists can see the surface of a comet and try to deduce what it is made from.


7. Brazil World Cup

The major football event that saw Germany crowned as the champions, Suarez identified as a cannibal and highlighted the extent of street crime in Rio de Janeiro.


8. Nigeria

Boko Haram kidnap nearly 300 school girls and force them to convert to Islam. A huge twitter campaign #BringBackOurGirls then proved how useless the hashtag is, as the girls were never returned home.



Islamic state militants sieze several towns in Iraq and Syria and consequnetly, the US began an airstrike campaign in August in Syria. ISIL are a terrorist group who rape, enslave, kill, kidnap and convert those of different beliefs, in the name of Islam. In response, many Muslims started the trend #NotInMyName to try and eliminate the stigma that all Muslims hate the west. Hopefully, 2015 will see this barbaric group fall apart.


10. 25 years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Fall of the Berlin Wall was one of the only significant moments in history where there are no deaths or hard feelings, and everyone in Germany could come together to celebrate the end of East and West Germany.


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