12 Lists of Christmas: Movies

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21 December 2013

By Lauren H

No matter what happens you can always depend on a bevy of movies suited to everyone’s taste released throughout the year. While ticket sales might be down when it comes to 3D movies according to analysts we still flock to see the Silver Screen in our millions to see the latest blockbusters in the traditional 2D format.

Check out our list of the top ten movies of 2013 below.


Bad Grandpa is a 2013 comedy film by the creators of Jackass, with the intentions of tricking real people with hidden cameras. This tells the story of an 86 year old man traveling across the country with his 8 year old grandson, encountering many odd situations on their way.


The Great Gatsby is the big screen version of the novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Nick Carraway delves into the marvelous world of his millionaire neighbour, Jay Gatsby, and sees that his life isn’t all that perfect.


Despicable Me 2 is the sequel to the American 3D animated film. A laboratory is stolen by a suspicious vehicle, so Gru is recruited to save the day.


Now You See Me is the story of an FBI agent and a detective who track a team of illusionists. This isn’t the normal illusionist act, as they manage to pull off bank heists during their performances.


World War Z  is an action film starring Brad Pitt. The United Nations employ Gerry Lane to save the world from zombies that threaten to destroy all human life.


The Host is a sci-fi film which presents the danger of an unseen enemy threatening humankind by erasing their memories, and taking control over their bodies. This tells the tale of a girl, Melanie, who proves that love can conquer all by risking her own life to save everyone else.


The Lone Ranger is a Disney film starring Johnny Depp as Tonto, who recounts the tales of John Reid, which transformed him, an ordinary man of the law, into a man of justice.


Catching Fire is the second edition of the Hunger Games trilogy. After their previous victory, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are victimised to repeat their torture all over again, sparking up a rebellion between the districts against Capitol.


Monsters University is a children’s animation, and a 2013 edition to the original Monster’s Inc, telling the tale of Mike and Sulley’s relationship throughout university.


Fast and Furious 6 brings Dom and Brian back, who reassemble their crew to take down a group of mercenary drivers who have caused havoc across multiple countries.



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