We strive to bring you the best stories we can here at b**p, but there are some that you may fail to have read over the past 12 months. With over 1500 stories to go through, we understand everyone is entitled to overlook a story every now and again.

So in this list, we are paying our respects to the stories, as well as the writers, who chose to tackle subjects, which at times were quite controversial, outspoken and not necessarily what you might expect young writers to even have an opinion on.

1. One in five children refused mental health treatment – http://www.nebeep.com/one-fifth-of-children-refused-mental-health-treatment/
2. MPs vote in favour of air strikes in Syria – http://www.nebeep.com/mps-vote-in-favour-of-air-strikes-in-syria/
3. South Korean Employers hold mock funerals –  http://www.nebeep.com/south-korean-employers-hold-mock-funerals/
5. Sam Cam named best dressed woman in the world..what – http://www.nebeep.com/sam-cam-named-worlds-best-dressed-woman-what/
6. Arrested (Sepp Blatter story) – http://www.nebeep.com/arrested/
7. Paris Under Siege – http://www.nebeep.com/paris-under-siege/
8.  Huge rise in newborns, subject to carehttp://www.nebeep.com/huge-rise-in-newborns-subject-to-care/
9. Why we are dressing like our Grandmas – http://www.nebeep.com/why-were-dressing-like-our-grandmas/
10. Diaries – are they still relevant? – http://www.nebeep.com/diaries-are-they-still-relevant/