12 Lists of Christmas: Websites

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17 December 2013

By Bronwen

With over 700 million active websites on the World Wide Web, it is pretty hard to become popular, especially if you’re just starting up a site. But people manage, probably thanks to the 93% of 12-17 year olds that go online and discover these sites. Here is a list of ten of our favourite sites that probably owe all of their success to the kids aged 12-17.


Facebook – We’ve all heard of Facebook. 1 in every 13 people on earth is on Facebook and Facebook’s popularity isn’t even starting to see a decline after all these years. It looks like Mark Zuckerburg’s trendy social networking site isn’t going to be pulling a MySpace anytime soon…


Twitter -Despite the fact that celebs are starting to take “breaks” from Twitter, Twitter doesn’t seem to be losing any hype. Analysts decided that Twitter is worth around 10 billion. I’m guessing the owners are quite pleased with that.


Youtube -The video capital of the Internet. Youtube may subject us to annoying layout alterations from time to time but we will always be its loyal users.


Instagram – 2013 has been a good year for Instagram, with an obvious growth in popularity. It feels like Instagram has been around forever, with the filter effects and infamous hashtags.

Vine Vine was introduced by Twitter in January this year and currently, over 12 million vines are uploaded each day.


Tumblr – Run by fandoms, Tumblr has now become a site known/used by most young people. Tumblr is a great place to unleash your inner wit and sarcasm. Check out some of these popular Tumblr blogs here


Sugarscape – similar to Perez Hilton’s blog, Sugarscape has a messy but usable layout that overwhelms you (in a good way) with celebrity news and information. – Are you a science nerd? is absolutely ideal if you’re bored and looking for some weird facts or you’re interested in the latest science discoveries of the week.


Omegle – more for a laugh than anything else, Omegle is a fabulous way to spend a few hours at a sleepover. You just type in what you want to talk about, and a stranger wanting to talk about the same thing appears and you have a wonderful chat for about 5 minutes before someone gets bored and disconnects. More often than not, you come across a “pervert”, but this is all part of the entertainment factor (as long as you’re being smart, of course). – not trying to blow our own horn here, but we’re the ONLY team of young writers from Gateshead who make a website… this deserves a spot on the top ten. Woohoo for self-love! 🙂



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