147 Dead

4 April 2015

By Vincent

Horror stuck in Nairobi Kenya, armed terrorists stormed a university in northern Kenya on Thursday, killing 147 people, wounding dozens and taking hostages . This was the work of Islamist militant group al-Shabad.

Approximately five masked men from the terror group  stormed the dormitories of Garissa College University, their targets appear to be Christians and  converts to Islam. The gunmen had been asking students of their faith-shooting confessed Christians and freeing Muslims. Students said that the gunman separated Christians from Muslims and held hostages in a dormitory, where they placed explosives around the Christian hostages, according to Kenya’s National Police.

Jackson Kamau a student at the university said ‘the militants killed those who were likely to convert to Islam and. Locals can tell the difference between Somali Muslims born into Islam and those who have converted because they come from different ethnic groups.’

The assault comes in the wake of an intelligence report issued last week by security officials warning that al-Shabad was planning an attack on major institutions in retaliation for Kenyan military action in Somalia as part of an African Union initiative against the group

Al-Shabad are also the same group who was responsible for several attacks in Garissa and across Kenya in the past few years

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