Pay Day

29 November 2013

By Yasmine

It looks like Cheryl’s laughing all the way to the bank, through her worldwide public humiliation, by being chucked off the US X Factor back in 2011. The Girls Aloud star has received an undisclosed payment from the producers of the X Factor USA, Blue Orbit. Chezza’s happy that the case didn’t need to go to court as it was settled by legal teams.

In her contract for the US version of the cult Saturday night show, the Geordie sweetheart was also promised things such as a LA pad, a £61,000 wardrobe allowance along with her £1.1 million salary but the feisty pop babe didn’t receive any of it. So let’s just hope that this “undisclosed” payment is a big one.

Ms Cole should also be waiting by the phone for a call off Mr Cowell as the music mogul said they had “patched up their differences a long time ago”. Simon has also said “I think both of us would like the idea of working together again.”  Let’s just  hope that 2014 is Cheryl’s year to take back her pop princess crown.



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