3 Podcasts you should listen to (besides ours)

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9 May 2018

By Kieran

The first Beep podcast was released last week and I was honoured to be chosen as the host. The show is the audible adaptation of my regular A Week in Mild Amusement column. Unlike that column though, it features THREE people desperately trying to be funny instead of just me. With this occasion, I felt it would be an appropriate time to share some of my own podcast recommendations. Please don’t let the superior talent of these fantastic podcasters put you off listening to ours though. You can certainly have both. Warning. These are all Australian. One podcast tends to lead to another and I’m not out of Melbourne yet.

D&D is for Nerds

If you’re a bit of a dweeb like me, you may have an interest in playing popular role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. But, also like me, you may have never had the opportunity and so have to live vicariously through others. These guys know exactly the point of the game is to have as much daft fun as possible through any means. Jackson Baly, in particular, is bewilderingly talented at gut-bustingly funny characters and Dungeon Master Adam is as smirkingly cruel as he is willing to bend to achieve maximum enjoyment.

Two In The Think Tank

The format of this fantastic show is simple. Two television comedians spend roughly an hour coming up with five comedy sketch ideas. Hosts Andy Matthews and Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall are terrifically hysterical and their contrasting comedy styles really compliment each other. Andy wants to write intricate, intellectual comedy dissertations while Al just wants to watch the world burn in his surrealist table-flipping world. For any budding comic, it’s also a great insight into how comedy is formed and just a great writing education in general. I genuinely had to stop listening when in the gym because I nearly dropped heavy stuff on myself from laughing. So yeah, TITTT is so good it nearly caused me severe injury.

The Weekly Planet

My first exposure to podcasting and straight up my favourite podcast. Predictably enough it’s a show focused mostly on comic-book movies and blockbuster culture in general. Both hosts, James ‘Mr Sunday Movies‘ Clement (check out his youtube channel) and Nick Mason are impossibly lovable. Listening feels like having a chat with a pair of long-time friends about nerdy stuff. Their reviews are completely hysterical and accessible. Plus I’ve borrowed more of their cadence for my own criticism style than I care to admit. Do yourself a favour and let these lads into your ears.


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