Just what is leading to the demise of Fortnite?

Too Expensive

The item shop in Fortnite was really welcomed by the community and still has its benefits. However, the cheapest ‘skin’ is 800 vBucks which is equivalent to about £8.00 in real money and the most expensive is 2,000 vBucks which is £20.00. With up to 20 items in a shop every day, buying the whole shop can cost just shy of £100 or more. However, remember Fortnite is a ‘free’ game.

Too Many Updates

With a new update every week, many Fortnite fans have started to lean away from the game because of the addition and removal of items from the game. Take the end of season 5 for example, 5 items got vaulted. All of the following: suppressed SMG, LMG, Impulse Grenade, C4 and Bouncer got removed for no reason.

Too Many Hackers/Stream Snipers

In the early days of Fortnite, hacks were unheard of, but ever since season 3 or 4, hacks such as aimbot have become a major tool used to help many Fortnite players get those Victory Royales. Another topic is stream sniping, where people queue into the same game as streamers to gain a competitive advantage.

So all in all, Fortnite: Battle Royale has had a lot of backlash from the community in the last few months, however,  it still deserves to win Game Of The Year for 2018 and, while dying, it is dying very slowly, with millions of players jumping in every day.