The Witcher is coming to Netflix and now has a writer attached to it. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich will reportedly write the show. She wrote The Defenders, the okay Marvel mashup exclusive to Netflix and Daredevil, which was arguably more fun. She also helmed the political drama The West Wing.

With her on board, the show has some hope of being an authentic adaption, given how good her track record is. This is reported by Variety and has yet to be confirmed.

She worked wonders on Daredevil, let’s see if that will translate over to hard fantasy.


Hissrich will also act as the showrunner and executive producer, according to Variety. There is still no word on who will play the famous Witcher Geralt or any of the other titular characters.

It was officially announced in May and will be based on the books written by Andrzej Sapkowski, rather than the games. The books were originally in Polish, relying on a wide range of Norse and Eastern European lore to construct a Game of Thrones esc world, with magic and monsters. The books came out in the late 90s and have been released slowly up until 2013.

The best boy.

Sapkowski will be working on the English language drama series as a creative consultant.

Netflix is working in partnership with Polish company Platige Films to produce the show. You might not know them by name, but they produced the famous Witcher 3 cinematic called ‘The Trial’. They also did a few cinematics for Halo 5 and a bunch of other stuff.

A Polish TV series based on the novels was released in 2002, but that has been the only adaption so far. A movie was announced for 2017, but nothing ever came of it.

The last game was released in 2015, with The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, with its DLC’s coming out in 2016.

They were awesome by the way.

CD Projekt Red is currently hard at work on Cyberpunk 2077.