Tom Has Something To Tell Us

3 December 2013

By Lauren E. White

Yesterday Olympic medalist Tom Daley posted a video online, declaring that he is gay, aptly titled ‘Something I Want To Say…’

Tom, who famously won Bronze in the London 2012 Olympics, started off his tell-all by greeting viewers and easing into the topic of privacy and everything it depicts. Stating that ‘privacy is important’, he started talking about relationships and how he previously never felt comfortable speaking about the ones he shares.

As well as privacy being his policy, the popular Olympian said how important honesty was and it’s apparent he never wants to be anything but that. This year his ‘life changed massively’ when he ‘met someone’.

Adding that the person makes him feel ‘so happy’ and ‘so safe’ he proceeded to dive into the subject by saying ‘that the someone is a guy’.

Mr Daley has since then received immense amounts of love and support from so many people, celebrities and fans alike. Stephen Fry was one among the many to congratulate Tom, tweeting: ‘I opened the second door on my advent calendar and Tom Daley came out. Seriously, Tom, congratulations. So happy for you.’

Something to, um, lighten the mood.

Well done Tom, it must have taken a lot of courage to ‘come out’ in this society and to receive a reception like you have must be pretty overwhelming. Anyway, not to worry, ladies! There’s plenty more fish in the sea…

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