Tulisa in Hot Water

9 December 2013

By James

Yet another hip-hop star has been charged with a crime, and it’s hardly a surprise.

N-Dubz, even since their split last year, have had their fair share of the scandals that seem to come with the career choice. Lead Singer Constadinos ‘Dappy’ Constavlos has been arrested for spitting on a girl at a party, making death threats with a gun, assault, affray and smoking all the drugs under the sun; Constavlos and fellow singer Richard ‘Fazer’ Rawson have been arrested for being drunk and disorderly on a flight, and even good-girl Tula Constavlos, often better known as Tulisa, has found a rather revealing tape of herself on the internet.

Well, now Tulisa has well and truly blotted her copybook. The former X-Factor Judge was arrested in June on suspicion of supplying Class-A Drugs, and has now been charged with the crime. And once again another musician has fallen prey to the stereotypical rap artist persona: drugs, drink and a little too much promiscuity than is considered correct in polite circles. Do they truly mean it, or are they just living up to expectations set by those before them? We’ve had the late Tupac Shakur shooting people left, right and centre, and Eminem being sued by his mother for slander and threatening the U.S President. In comparison, Tulisa and her drugs seem like child’s play. If she is just living up to expectations, she’s going to have to do something really stupid to get her name on the map.



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