5 songs we’re listening to ATM

3 July 2019

By Lauren E. White

Here at b**p we are truly music lovers, and so there’s little we love more than discovering good, new music. Be it through our Spotify, our friends or family, we are always here for amazing music finds – and so we thought why not share them with you!

So, without further ado, here are 5 songs we’re listening to ATM that you should definitely add to your playlist. Honestly, they’re amazing.

Hypersonic Missiles, Sam Fender

North East breakthrough singer Sam Fender kicked off his career with Hypersonic Missiles – and we’re still listening to it. There’s something about his raw and achy voice that we just can’t get enough of.

And, when it comes to Hypersonic Missiles, the song is just so clever. It’s incredibly catchy and Fender’s vocals are simply faultless. His style is super unique, and so are his lyrics.

You just have to love a bit of Sam Fender – especially if you’re from the North East. Support our local superstar!

Senorita, Shawn Mendes

While Shawn Mendes may not have been raised in the, uh, wonderful place that is South Shields, he’s still worthy of a place on our list. His brand new song Senorita featuring Camilla Cabello is one of the best songs released in the past five years without a doubt.

The style and lyrics give off that Despacito vibe, but in a much better way. It’s not annoying like Bieber. In fact, it’s sexy, subtle and is one of those songs you can just listen to on repeat without getting bored.

Boys, Lizzo

Upcoming pop hero Lizzo’s Boys is our latest anthem. Lizzo’s new tune is all about… boys!

She is singing about all kinds of boys – and boy does she name them. It’s all in her stop-starty poppy style with a tune that is so effortless you just can’t help but sing and dance along to it.

It’s one of the songs of the summer, and if it doesn’t make your summer playlist then we’re just not talking to you right now. Especially after her Glastonbury set.

What If, Amber Mark

If you’re looking for a sexy song to add to your playlist, this is it. Amber Mark’s What If is incredibly sultry and sensual, and for that reason, makes it straight away on our top 5 songs we’re listening to ATM.

The beat is slow and takes its time to build up before smoothing out into the chorus. There’s something edgy about this tune too, and it’s more than likely the rhythm of Mark’s latest song which is just perfect for days when you’re relaxing.

And, like all of the songs we’re listening to, the lyrics are great too. They’re just as sexy as the beat, and are actually a bit deep if you listen closely, so be aware. Either way, get it added to your library!

Not Nineteen Forever, Courteeners

As some of us are 19-year-olds, it’s obligatory to be listening to Not Nineteen Forever by Courteeners. This tune is a little older than the rest on this list, but it’s an absolute tune.

The rock-pop vibe of the song is, like What If, great for chilling but also driving. The summer road trips you could have with this song on just give us the chills, so do bear it in mind when curating those playlists.

We love it.

Happy listening!

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