If you’re a film fanatic, chances are you probably love a good soundtrack. We certainly do. So, we thought we’d compile a list of our top 10 FAVOURITE movie soundtracks of all time. Plus, we’ve made sure there’s something for everyone!

500 Days of Summer – Not only is this one of our favourite films of all time, but it has a fantastic soundtrack. If you’re a fan of The Smiths or The Temper Trap, you’ll love it too.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? – If you’re a fan of country music (and George Clooney), you’ll love this film. It may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for something different then we’d definitely recommend giving it a listen!

Pulp Fiction – We don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this film, and if that’s the case then you’ll love this soundtrack too.

Baby Driver – This soundtrack has it all – from Queen to Gwen Stefani and even Barry White. What more could you want?

The Greatest Showman – Though this film has only just been released, fans are LOVING its soundtrack…and so are we! If you haven’t seen it already, make sure to check out this review too.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World – This is certainly a unique soundtrack, but once you’re a few songs in you’ll be ready to watch the film all over again.

8 Mile – Of course, any fans of Eminem will be obsessed with this soundtrack. But, even if you’re not (how?!), there are some great tracks on here for everyone.

21/22 Jump Street – We absolutely love both of these films, and we think you should too! Not only are they absolutely hilarious, but their weird and wonderful soundtrack is just as fantastic.

Trainspotting 1/2 – Again, we just love both of these movies, and the soundtrack is equally as great. There’s plenty of oldies on there too, which we just can’t resist.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging – We might be going back in time a little bit with this one, but I’m sure any fans out there will appreciate this soundtrack just as much as us. YOUR LIGHT IS ULTRAVIOLETTTT!

Now, it’s time to watch all 10 films on repeat!

What would you add, or take away, from our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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