The Trials and Tribulations of a Teen Star

19 December 2013

By Lauren E. White

One of pop’s most famous stars, or idiots – as he is referred to by some, Justin Bieber has announced his so-called ‘retirement,’ even though a career in Jazz is on the distant horizon for the Canadian.

The 19 year old Baby singer has recently been in the spotlight as a result to his petty actions, some of which include:
1.    Urinating in a cleaning bucket (not that hygienic anymore).
2.    Leaving his pet monkey in quarantine in Germany as it was too young to even be separated from its Mother.
3.    Spitting on his own fans from his hotel balcony.
4.    Smoking weed – which, as time is changing, is becoming more common in the younger generation.
5.    Having a stun gun found on his tour bus.

The recent announcement was branded by The Independent as,  ‘Christmas comes early: Justin Bieber announced he’s ‘retiring from music’’ – but not for his fans. Tweets from various ‘Beliebers’ have proved otherwise; completely incoherent sentences have spread like wildfire all over Twitter about JB.

According to the wannabe ‘King of Pop’, he is ‘going to take a break’ and ‘quit music’ as he wishes to allow his music to ‘mature’!?!
Bieber’s recent news has sparked controversy with many; some claiming that it’s all for publicity and he will announce that it was all a longwinded lie, or a joke, to him, anyway and everything in Camp Bieber is fine and dandy.
It’s clearly not just his music that needs to grow up.



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