65% Present, 35% Past

An executive producer for Assassin’s Creed, which is coming out in December, has spoken about the balance of events in the film. Traditionally in the games, most of the action takes place in the past. But the movie is mixing the formula up a bit.

For those unfamiliar with the game’s main concept, the character in the game is placed in the Animus – a machine that allows you to relive your ancestors’ memories. In the game, you spend most of your time in the Animus, reliving the events of your ancestors in the Assassins’ Brotherhood.

However, Pat Crowley, the executive producer, has said the film will be set 65% in the present day, and 35% in the Spanish Inquisition.

“There are certain things that we absolutely want to respect in the game,” he said. “But we also want to bring new elements to the game […] This isn’t a video game that we’re making. We’re trying to make a cinematic experience, so there are new things that we have to introduce.”

Academy Award nominee Michael Fassbender will play both lead roles in the film: present day Callum Lynch and ancestor Aguilar.

It will be interesting to see how the story encapsulates both present day and past events. Whether it can hold a candle to the original story is another question.

There has also been an official poster released, which you can see below:


Now I’m not one for hype. But that’s b**ping dope.