Unobvious Reasons Why Phones are Useful

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10 January 2014

By NEBeep

Everyone knows how extraordinary phones are for every day use; you can call people, text friends, go on the Internet and spend your time on millions of apps and games. However there are many other uses of phones that aren’t quite appreciated enough:

A mirror. When your phone is locked, the pitch-black screen makes for a useful mirror in desperate times. Have you girls ever wanted to check for smudged make up, or see if there is something on your face, or maybe just checking yourself out on odd occasions, only find that none of your friends have a mirror? Well, no need to stress, the magical invention of phones can solve that problem.


A savior during awkward silences. Who hasn’t “checked” their phone when they’re talking to someone and the conversation has suddenly taken on a very awkward silence? More than one third of mobile owners (37%) said they check their phone if there is a lull in conversation with people. (1,376 people in sample).


To make you look like you have friends when you are alone. Have you ever been standing alone waiting for your friends to meet you somewhere? Perhaps for lunch at school, or going out shopping for the day?  Tons of people are walking right past you and you look like a friendless loser, but instead of waiting for the ground to swallow you up, you can just get out your phone and pretend you are talking to someone. Problem solved.


A canvas for your creative personality.  When your phone is looking old and out of date, what better to do than use it as a canvas for your painting/decorating skills? This can be done using nail varnish, stickers or whatever other materials you think are suitable for the job.


So people don’t talk to you. When walking past people who you don’t like or perhaps just don’t want to talk to, just get out your phone and use it as a metaphorical shield against them. Most people will not bother others if they are on a phone.


A safe. Just simply take the back off your phone and hide money in it. It may be easy for people to steal your £20 notes but not many people will try and take your phone right out of your hand, so therefore this method protects that precious money of yours. Note: this only works with notes, do not try putting coins in the back of your phone, it will not work.


The reliever of boredom. Every type of phone has that extremely bad yet addictive game that we use in times of great boredom. For example: Blackberry’s have ‘brick breaker’ and IPhones have ‘candy crush’.



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