When Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook, he probably did not realise he had just unleashed a Pandora’s Box of irritating people onto the world. There are 2.2 billion active Facebook accounts yet somehow, all of the annoying users seem to follow the same behaviour patterns regardless of age, nationality and social status. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you live, you are bound to know at least one of these people:

1- The minion lover

Usually, a middle-aged woman who has only recently become active on Facebook, the minion lover posts and shares pictures like this ten times a day:

2- The Troll

The exact identity of a troll is typically unknown but they are always the biggest troublemakers on the internet. Their talent is managing to wind up even the calmest, sanest person on Earth with relentless arguing and smart-arse comments. Sometimes the more tasteful trolls can be quite funny, providing you’re not the one on the receiving end…

3- The attention seeker

Most ‘attention seekers’ are teenagers who have recently had a minor drama and are desperate for sympathy. The main characteristic of the attention seeker is that they take great offence to anybody commenting on their situation and they will never spill the beans as to what’s wrong.

4- The conspiracy theorist

Perhaps the most shameless of your Facebook friends, the conspiracy theorist loves sharing posts claiming that George Bush did 9/11 or in this case, that the CIA orchestrate school shootings.

5- The gullible

Some celebrities are regular targets of death hoaxes. Every week, the gullible Facebook user will share a post claiming that Elton John or Ellen Degeneres has died. Recently, Sylvester Stallone has been a popular death hoax.

6- The Facebook parent

All decent parents think their children are amazing but Facebook parents consider their little sprog to be the next Albert Einstein. If you’re friends with someone like this, you will have seen every school report, every scrawly drawing, and an in-depth account of every minor achievement.

7- The needy

This person uses the Facebook status as a Google search. Rather than just typing their question into Google, they won’t hesitate to ask their Facebook friends “Anyone know the opening hours for Tesco?”. Another popular question is “Anyone doing lifts?”. Um yeah, ring a taxi, they’ll be doing lifts.