7 Ways to Know Your House Is Haunted

12 August 2018

By Bronwen

Whenever you watch Most Haunted or some other ghost hunter TV show, the spirits and ghosts are always found in creepy places by people whose sanity is a bit questionable. These shows usually feature some middle-aged American lady with a perm and possessed looking eyes telling us all about how they have a ghost named Jeff living in their basement yet when the ghost hunters investigate, ‘Jeff’ is nothing more than a loud, dodgy boiler. Despite these shows not feeling very credible, 34% of Brits say they believe in ghosts and 9% of us say we’ve communicated with them. Some people who don’t even believe in ghosts claim to have had spooky encounters or unexplained things happen to them. Others believe their houses are haunted because of weird events or feelings that seem unexplained. If you feel your house may have a resident ghost or spirit these are the things you need to look out for:

1- The feeling of being watched- If you feel a presence standing behind you or that something is watching you from across the room, it could be a sign of a ghostly presence.

2- Your pets behaving weirdly- Does your cat or dog growl at nothing all of a sudden? Do they follow something invisible across the room? If so, it could be that your animals can see something that you can’t.

3- Unexplained noises- If you hear something being dropped upstairs but when you go up to investigate nothing has been moved, it could have been the noise of a ghost moving about.

4- Seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye- A common type of ghost that people claim to see is ‘Shadow People’. As the name suggests, these beings take the form of shadows and are considered to be a deathly spirit. Some people believe that Shadow People haunt those who are close to death.

5- The hair on the back of your neck standing up suddenly- Do you get sudden chills or shivers for no good reason? Spirits are said to give you a cold feeling whenever they pass by.

6- Sudden temperature drops- If you watch ghost hunter shows, you’ll be familiar with the thermal imaging technology. The hunters claim that ghosts show up as being cold on a thermal cameras. Rooms which supposedly have ghostly beings within are much colder than un-haunted rooms.

7- Electrical items acting up- Do your light bulbs flicker or blow up a lot? If you find all your batteries draining all of a sudden or your other electronics running low on charge for no reason, it could be the sign of a ghost.

If you believe you have a ghost, experts say you should keep a diary of all of the spooky incidents that occur to see if you can find an explanation. If you’re still convinced you’re being haunted, it may be time to call in a medium to reason with the spirit and ask it to leave your home.

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