An 89-year-old woman has returned to the nightclub where she found love and met her husband in Nottingham.

69 years ago, Mary Edgson met her late husband Dennis at what is now the Pryzm nightclub in the university city. Mrs Edgson sat in a booth in the club listening to a special DJ play Vera Lynn’s Jealousy – the song the couple first danced to.


Every day in the care home where she now lives, Mrs Edgson sings Jealousy, which got the care home staff thinking. When Pryzm’s Deputy Manager Tom Dodd heard her story, he organised a free Boogie Buffet for residents of 33 care homes in the area.

Pryzm first opened in 1925 under the name Palais de Dance. A 20-year-old Mary said it was love at first sight when she saw Mr Edgson across the dancefloor all those years ago.

When asked how she felt after the boogie, Mary Edgson said “it felt nice”. It is one of the points she has ticked off her bucket-list.

Natalie Buxton, a senior carer at the home where Mrs Edgson lives, said: “You can see music brings back a lot of memories for all of them…it’s been nice to see them enjoy themselves again.”