Hilde Kate Lysiak, publisher of the Orange Street News, has defended herself in wake of criticism from ‘professional’ journalists for reporting on a homicide.

She runs her paper in Pennsylvania, US.

She said in The Guardian that:  “I acted on a tip from a good source that I was able to get through some of my other reporting. After confirming with the police department, I then went straight to the scene and spoke to neighbours and got more information. I worked very hard.

“In the hours that followed, many residents of Selinsgrove began making negative comments about me on my website and other social media sites. I understand that, as a reporter, the things I cover will sometimes make people mad. But these negative comments were not so much about the homicide I was covering, but the fact that I – a nine-year-old girl – was covering it at all.”

Let’s make one thing clear: journalists attacking a nine-year-old girl because she chose to report on something “not cute” is an outrage. The very fact that these so called ‘professionals’ were calling this awesome little girl out because she was actually reporting something that matters is bogus.

These reporters said that Hilde should “stick to playing with dolls” and “tea parties” instead of reporting.

Hilde made a point that she went straight to the scene after going to the police to confirm her source was correct.

You can find her full report here.

Journalists criticising a nine-year-old girl is not cool. If you feel threatened by a reporter of that age, you may want to rethink your career choice.

Good job, Hilde. Your website is now on in my bookmarks.

She also released a video responding to the criticism:

*smug smile at all the people who called her out*