7 February 2014

By Lauren E. White

This week has been quite a shocker, with the bizarre MiniCheddar scandal enveloping the school of Colnbrook Cof E Primary School, near Slough, after they decided to expel a six-year-old boy for bringing Mini Cheddars into school.

The school had implemented a healthy eating plan at the start of term which included no chocolate, sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks and when the youngster brought in his packet of Mini Cheddars, he was suspended! The family of the boy took the issue to The Sun newspaper, in which they shamed the school’s absurdity and fueled the fire in the ongoing debate between the family and Colnbrook Primary.

Earlier this week, the young boy has been permanently removed from his school after senior management claimed that they portrayed Colnbrook C of E Primary School in a ‘bad light’.
Unfortunately, Mini Cheddar officials have not released an official statement so we’ll just have to laugh at the fact that this has really happened.




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