A Complete and Uber Disaster

14 October 2019

By Jack McArdle

The nightlife in Newcastle is believed to be the best available in the UK. On any given night you can find somewhere that’s buzzing with students until the sun rises. Despite this, I have never witnessed anybody enjoy a night out so much so that they end up 100 miles from their home after an Uber driver takes them across the country.

This exact phenomenon happened to an Edinburgh resident named Joseph Fergie. The young man described the event as the “strangest day of his life”, as he stepped into a Toyota Prius and rode over 100 miles away from Edinburgh to the small village of Kirkkudbright in Dumfries. After nearly £400 was taken out of his account, Joseph had the challenge of finding his way back home through buses and taxis – with a bit of a hangover.

Baffled by what happened, he sent a Snapchat video to friends – “I’ve actually woke up on the other side of f****** Scotland mate – like no Edinburgh or that – the other side of f****** Scotland”.

As this story blew up across the UK, ATIK, the club where he started his journey on the Saturday night, have generously gave the Leith resident a free taxi pass for a whole year so that he can’t make the same mistake again.

The general manager of ATIK, Mark Cameron states: “He is delighted that the club after hearing of his mammoth journey have offered him a free taxi ride home to Leith every time he spends a night out at ATIK for a whole year. We have also offered free entry and a VIP booth this weekend for him and his friends, to tell them again of his magical mystery tour of Scotland after his previous night out at ATIK.”

Just remember the next time you step into an Uber – put the correct address in otherwise you may well end up on the shores of Whitehaven.

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