A Dark Moment for Jenn?

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23 January 2014

By NEBeep

The successful Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence has been known to always keep her cool even in situations where people have attacked her personal appearance. However the talented actress finally snapped when TV presenter Shaun Robinson introduced a major spoiler to Jen’s favorite TV show.

The actress was attending an awards show last Saturday and found herself a few feet away from Damien Lewis (star of the ‘Homeland’ series). Of course she was star struck but eventually got to talk to him, and the two even shared an awkward embrace. Unfortunately tragedy struck when Robinson blurted out that Damien’s character dies in the season three finale. Having previously stated that she had only seen seasons one and two, Jennifer was completely distraught in hearing the spoiler.

After throwing her arms out and turning away, Jennifer responded with many words of utter shock, stating how her feelings are “past mad” and she even went on to say “ I feel like my heart just fell out.” After refusing to even look at the TV presenter anymore, the interview was clearly doomed. With one last failed attempt at Shaun trying to make Jen laugh, the interview was over.

So, did Jennifer Lawrence finally flip? Or was she staying true to her down-to-earth self and having a laugh about it?


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