A Great Day at The Kremlin

The Trump administration seems to be experiencing utter chaos as Anthony Scaramucci looses his position as communications secretary after just ten days in the position. Just six hours prior to this former US Marine General John Kelly was appointed the new chief of staff.

News recently broke that Trump intervened to prevent senior White House advisors issuing a full and truthful account of Donald Trump Jr. and two others’ meeting with four Russians in June last year. Trump Sr. personally dictated his son’s press statement on the issue whilst returning to the US following the G20 summit.

Trump tweeted ‘A great day at the White House!’ as the crumbling ruin of his administration loomed large within the smoke and clown-house mirrors he has attempted to shield it with. It remains unclear exactly who on Earth the President thinks he is fooling, as the political state of the US grows ever more incoherent and absurd.

World politics currently resembles the beginning of a dystopian drama, and Trump is at the helm. Whatever we predicted when Trump was elected (or Putin appointed him), this is somehow worse, because it’s actually happening. Being right is bittersweet at the minute, whether you’re right about Brexit, or Trump, or North Korea, most naysayers would rather be wrong than have to watch a man who is probably clinically insane spin himself such an elaborate and fragile web of lies he makes Tony Blair look like the Dali Lama. Goodness knows what a ‘great day at the White House’ looks like at this point, I imagine Trump gets sat in his own room away from the screaming congressmen with some colouring in and access to Twitter.

I don’t really go in for the idea Putin has been manipulating American politics, I think if he was it would all be going a lot more smoothly. Russia taking the reigns might actually do us all a favour. Russia is at least run by politicians who care about public image (albeit corrupt ones who wouldn’t be out of place as villains in a Bond film), which is moderately better than ex-servicemen a coterie of people Trump picked purely for their ability to give him what he wants.