A limerick in mild amusement

19 March 2019

By Kieran

It’s that time of year again kids. That time being, that in honour of St. Patrick’s Day I will attempt to convey the week’s news in the highest form of art. That being the humble limerick. Count yourself lucky that this is only a couple of days late this year, instead of the three months it was last year.

There was a march down to London

That didn’t look very much fun.

Some dullards got wet

And Nigel upset

I’ve seen more men in the bed of a nun.

There was a woman named Theresa

Whose job wasn’t getting any easier.

Rewriting, revising,

No deal on the horizon

Getting more thumbs down than J. Caesar.

John Bercow, the house’s speaker

Blocked a move from the Prime Minister

Adding on to her fears

Then he assaulted her ears

With a deep booming call for OR-DER

There was a handsome man named Trudeau

But the things that he said weren’t true though

Instagram will still say

“He can corrupt my case any day”

But turns out he’s as crooked as a hoe.

A victorian ghost named Rees-Mogg

Was left completely agog

His money’s all stashed in Dublin

His excuses came stumbling

But his nanny had to give him a flog

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