A Long Way Down Review

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11 June 2014

By Lauren H

Despite being a film based on suicide, A Long Way Down is surprisingly upbeat and even amusing at times, putting a slight comical edge on a highly upsetting topic that people are often scared to talk about, perhaps in the hope to expand people’s knowledge of it (which, if this was the case, isn’t achieved).

It’s New Year’s Eve and four strangers unexpectedly meet on the rooftop of one of the highest buildings in the city to jump from. It’s also known as Topper’s Tower. Instead of going through with it, they make a pact to not try again until the next most depressing calendar event of the year, Valentines Day.

Although this is an enjoyable film to watch – with a unique storyline – it is clear that it is very unbelievable throughout, with the plot heading in directions that would never be likely to take place outside of the cinema screen. It can be confusing at times, and it’s certainly something that you wouldn’t want to buy on DVD – once is enough.


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